Installation, text-based, 1000 copy of each paper

“Yeh, I’ve been searchin’

I’ve been searchin’

Oh yeh, searchin every which way

Oh yeh, searchin

I’m searchin’

Searchin every which way…”[1]

A4 paper (1000 copy)
A4 paper (1000copy)


This Artwork is a based on an exponential equation of folding a paper; a mathematical exponential algorithm. The four most frequented routes used by refugees that have exponentially grown in the past few years. Each route is calculated via google maps and translated into a distance/depth of a folded paper. It’s impossible to fold the paper but the audience is invited to try.


in search of the miracouloys-01

[1] Text is scribbled at the bottom of each image of is from “In Search of the Miraculous” by Dutch Artist Bas Jan Ader 1973

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