Untitled “II” (2010)

This work consists of cross-stitching four portraits of soldiers who opened fire intentionally on members of their own army.a continuation of research concerning the outcasts and rejects of machines‭. ‬It is an attempt to create an obscene image in a very domestic tool‭, ‬touching upon the subjective notions of the Hero and the Traitor‭. ‬The embroideries are installed along engraved name tags containing the name of the soldier‭, ‬their age‭, ‬their rank and the incidents‭. ‬


30‭ ‬cm width‭ / ‬40‭ ‬cm length‭ ‬

4‭ ‬embroideries‭ ‬

Majd Portfolio  (1)-2


Nidal Malik HasanJohn M Russellclose up.jpg

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