“Pain Killers”‭ ‬juxtaposes the sacred image of the Palestinian aspirations‭ (‬The Dome of the Rock‭) ‬with painkillers and antidepressants‭. ‬It serves as a dialogue between the Palestinian rhetoric and reality and between the fantasy and the‭ ‬“high”‭. ‬The Dome of the Rock has surpassed religious connotations to become the image of the capital to be while maintaining its importance as‭ ‬“The landmark”‭ ‬of the Islamic and Arab culture in Palestine‭, ‬This handmade model references in terms of execution models of the Dome of the Rock made by Palestinian Prisoners while serving their time sentences in Israeli jails‭.‬

Pain Killers

in 2011‭, ‬after being shown in a group exhibition‭ ‬“Here and Now”‭ ‬in Laznia‭, ‬Poland‭. ‬on its way back to Ramallah the sculpture was held at Ben Gorion International Airport for security check and released two months afterwards severely ruined‭. ‬Pain Killers has been renovated in 2012.

Pain Killers (2011)

Dimensions‭: ‬

25‭ ‬cm‭ / ‬25‭ ‬cm‭ / ‬20‭ ‬cm‭ ‬

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