Screenshots (2016)

2015- ongoing

series of cross-stitch embroideries

coloured thread on canvas

These series tackle the visual “spectacle” produced, a barrage of images portraying crude violence that has been generated since the start of the revolution in Syria. Majd Abdel Hamid uses embroidery as a way of abstracting the horror of these pictures, and to intervene within them. In a period of desensitization to images, the extended time and repetitiveness that embroidery requires become a way of slowing down the attention of a viewer. drawing on Pop aesthetics, the flatness of these pieces mirrors reductively of media narratives and addresses, in turn, the sinister absurdity of contemporary political realities.

text taken from the exhibition Unravelled, curated by Rachel Dedman and Marie Muracciole’

Mosul 2015 Man thrown from the roof
Aleppo 2016 woman running between body bags
Two wounded men – Damascus suburb 2016
Running from barrel bomb in cemetery – Dar’a – Syria 2016
Truck in Austria found with 71 dead refugees inside
Man thrown from roof Al Raqqa – Syria 2015
Man running from snipers Aleppo – Syria 2016
Man in Dara after military opened fire on protesters 2011 Syria(19cm 14cm)
Man on the ground after military opened fire on protestors Dar’a , Syria 2016
unknown man shot 1 (13cm15cm)2.jpg
Dead Man shot 2
Unknown man shot 2 – Syria 2016
unknown man shot dead (14cm14cm)3
Aleppo man (1,2) Syria 2015
aleppo man.jpg






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