Salt of the Earth


Salt of the Earth
Sea salt, gas stoves, cooking pots, water and cotton rope
A sculptural installation resonating with one of the most tragic crises of modern times, sixty million refugees in search of the miraculous, in search of safety.
In Salt of the Earth, sea salt performs an escape from its solvent, above a heat source where more salt dissolves in the water, it starts to crystallise on route to the ceiling via fine cotton threads, where some of the salt particles remain in the water, few make it to the thread to form a temporary sculpture of shiny crystals. throughout the duration of the exhibition, the sculpture organically grows in thickness and reaches towards the ceiling.
Salt of the earth corresponds to the architecture of the old city of Sharjah, where the structure of the old buildings absorbs salt from the sea and slowly accumulates layers of crystallized salt on the walls of the buildings.
This work is commissioned by the Sharjah Art Foundation




Salt of the Earth