4.jpgPacifier‭ ‬


99‭ ‬keys‭, ‬12cm length‭ ‬

Sugar‭, ‬water‭, ‬food coloring dyes

On the 15th of may an annual day of commemoration of the displacement‭, ‬The Catastrophe Year in Year tens of thousands of representations of an old key‭, ‬the‭ ‬“key of return”‭ ‬are distributed‭, ‬prints and cut outs‭, ‬the key also makes grand appearances on TVs‭, ‬newspapers‭, ‬billboards and flags‭. ‬This image‭ ‬of an old key has permeated the visual identity of the Palestinian collective and as of the Oslo accords monuments of the key has erupted in different parts of the West bank and Gaza‭. ‬One of the monuments featured in the 7th Berlin Biennale‭. ‬

“Pacifier”‭ ‬is a homemade lollipop‭, ‬a cloned key made from sugar and it is edible and colorful‭, ‬a negating the medium and its functionality‭, ‬juxtaposing fragility of the medium with metal‭, ‬pacifier breaks‭ ‬



Pacifier pink key

Pacifier (2014)

Pacifier blue key

Pacifier (2014)



Pacifier (2014)