“Intathirha” (Wait for her) 2019

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Intathirha (Wait for her)

“The title of this work refers to a love poem by well known Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwish (1941–2008). In contrast, the content of the film is a stateless person waiting hopelessly for the return of electricity in a dilapidated building in Beirut, home to many displaced people. Dipping his feet in water to keep cool, the man appears listless and disillusioned. A narrative voiceover jarringly repeats lines from Darwish’s poem in a dispassionate, monotonous tone that mimics the style habitually used by regional newsreaders.” Text from “Heartbreak” exhibition by Ruya Maps

Poem by Mahmoud Darwish
“Lessons from Kama Sutra in the art of waiting”

with a glass inlaid with Azure
wait for her

with the refined taste of a Prince
wait for her
with seven pillows filled with cirrus clouds
wait for her 
with a flame of a feminine incense
wait for her
and do not rush
if she arrives late, 
wait for her 
if she arrives early
wait for her 
do not startle the birds resting on her braids
and wait for her 
for her to sit comfortably as a garden in full bloom 
and wait for her 
so that she takes a breath of air that is foreign to her 
and wait for her 
speak to her as a Ney-flute would to a frightened violin string 
as if both of you are witnessing what tomorrow holds for you 
and wait for her

ring by ring shine her night
and wait for her 
until the night tells you 
there no one exists but the two of you 
so take her gently to the death you crave 
and wait for her”

Post-production commissioned by Ruya Maps

Jamal Awar – Co-Writer/Actor/producer
Nikolai Galitzine – Cinematographer/Producer
Hani Sawah – Sound Recordist
Nabil Abo El-Hiejaa – Production Manager
Ramzi Bashour – Assistant Cameraman
Ayman Iskandarani – Set dresser
Rana Abi Jomaa – Voice-Over

Editor: Lujain Jo

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